Why Co-ops can have corporate directors

Last April Dave Hollings of Co-operative and Mutual Solutions Limited asked me two questions. He’s kindly given me permission to shares the Q & A’s on here.

Both questions are about co-operative societies. Apparently they were raised by a co-operative consortium planning to operate across national boundaries. There’s currently lots of interest in that model in the worker co-op sector. For example, both Altgen and uniteddiversity are working on developing the model. For question 1 see

Question 1 was answered in my last post. Here’s question 2:

2. Whilst the Act says clearly there can be corporate members, can there be corporate directors as in Companies?


A corporate body can be a member of a society – s32 CCBSA 2014.

A “person” can be a committee member – s 30(3) CCBSA 2014.

In any Act “unless the contrary intention appears”, the word “‘Person” includes a body of persons corporate or unincorporate” – s5 & sched 1 Interpretation Act 1978. Therefore the answer seems to be “yes”.

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