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Yesterday, the Progress-Update-of-the-Independent-Governance-Review from the Myners Review was published. It answers many of the issues I raised yesterday about what was reported to have been agreed in principle by the Group Board earlier this week. The Myners Interim Report is a carefully thought … Continue reading

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Hedge Fund Cock Up? More news on the Co-op bank Recapitalisation Scheme today. This morning’s Times carried this enigmatic piece on page 56: “Co-operative Bank: Hedge funds planning to take control of the lender have been left with a potentially … Continue reading

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Friday this week 29th November 2013 is the first key date in the long and complex process of saving the Bank from insolvency proceedings by recapitalising and demutualising it. The others are 11th December 2013 , the day of the Class … Continue reading

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All our heads are spinning. Never before has the UK Co-op been the lead story in so many news bulletins for so long. It has not been a good experience. New investigations and inquiries seem to be proliferating. Here, I’ll … Continue reading

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Now that I’m back from Brussels it’s time to have a closer look at the use of the word “Co-operative” in the name of a bank 70% owned by Stock Market investors and 30% by the Co-operative Group. I argue … Continue reading

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I’ve not been keeping my eye on this ball very closely and now need to do some updating. The Co-op Group plans to redeem £200 million of its Eurobonds next month as, it seems, part of the run up to the new … Continue reading

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This morning, the Co-op Bank announced its plan to deal with the problems acquired with the Britannia Building Society and how it intends to meet the Basel III requirements for increased capital for banks. The plan has been agreed by … Continue reading

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Co-op Group Results: Project Verde in Doubt but Legal Services Does Well

This is not a legal post but does touch on an important issue for the whole UK co-op movement. The massive concentration of the movement into the Co-operative Group has led to a renaissance in terms of retail market share … Continue reading

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