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The UK Co-operative Group has published its proposed governance reforms and called its Special General Meeting for 30th August 2014. You can see the press release about the proposals here. The full rules including all the amendments intended to achieve the … Continue reading

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On Saturday 17th May 2014, Delegates at the Co-op Group General meeting consider a resolution on the reform of the Group’s governance. That is part of the process of considering Paul Myners’ recommendations on governance and the Kelly Report on the great Co-op … Continue reading

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I posted this on the Co-operative Members Group FB page on 09.05.14: On two tier boards, this is a complex issue and there are no simple or easy answers. Subject to detailed legislative requirements that certain particular matters have to … Continue reading

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It was interesting to see Sarah Butler in the Guardian comparing the fortunes of the Co-op Group and The John Lewis Partnership last weekend. Clearly, the decisions of the last Group management to try to buy market share for the Group via … Continue reading

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The Quick Questions I’ve been very busy lately and wasn’t able to submit anything to Myners by his deadline. Below are my questions on what seem to be the broad lines allegedly agreed by the current board in their panic … Continue reading

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These emails, supplied to the Parliamentary Select Committee looking at the issues around the Co-op Bank’s attempt to buy the Lloyds Branches give interesting food for thought. They give a perspective on the deficiencies of the Boards of both the … Continue reading

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Rumour has it that formal announcements to the markets and bondholders about the future of the bank will be made on Monday 4th November. In the meantime Ethical Consumer has launched a campaign on the basis of “staying ethical: returning … Continue reading

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