International Programme for Community Leaders

Rory Ridley Duff writes:

“In my role as Course Leader for the MSc Co-operative and Social Enterprise Management at Sheffield Hallam University, I’m pleased to support – and participate in the delivery of – a new educational initiative organised by European colleagues.  The International Programme for Community Leaders brings together experts in social enterprise development from Social Enterprise Europe Ltd (French Office) and the Education & Solidarity Network (based in Paris).

I would be grateful if you could publicise this new initiative widely, through networks, blogs, newsletters and social media.

The programme has three phases:

·        A preparation phase, including on-line conferences (October 2013)

·        A three day residential in Paris, 25th-27th November 2013

·        A project development phase with the support of the delivery team (2014)


A course flyer, with costs, can be obtained from:


·        Geof Cox – Social Enterprise Europe Ltd –

·        Thierry Weishaupt – Education and Solidarity Network –

The programme is supported by MGEN, a French educational mutual.

Best wishes

Dr Rory Ridley-Duff

Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University”

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