Whatever Happened to Cobbetts…….

This has been a hectic week that has involved living in interesting times.

Some of you will  know that, when doing legal practice work, I have, for many years, operated through a freelance consultancy arrangement with Manchester Solicitors Cobbetts LLP .

On 31st January 2013 Cobbetts announced its intention to go into administration. It emerged that this was a “pre-pack” arrangement involving the purchase of the business out of administration by DWF LLP. That was confirmed by DWF on  7th February 2013. Pending further discussions about the future of my arrangement with DWF, I am currently working through them as the successor organisation to Cobbetts. The insolvency of law firms registered as LLP’s raises interesting issues.

It is sad to see the demise of a firm known particularly for its interest in co-operatives and mutuals and generally for its civilised approach to its stakeholders. We must hope that as many jobs as possible will be saved by this move and that the civilised behaviour that was always my own experience of the firm will continue under the new regime. All good wishes to everyone involved.

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