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With Dave Hollings permission, I reproduce this exchange I had with him about minority member protection in industrial and provident societies: On 13 January 2014 14:31, Dave Hollings wrote: I have a client which is registered as a co-op with multiple … Continue reading

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In a resolution of  2nd July 2013, the European Parliament has acknowledged the role co-ops can play in overcoming the economic crisis. For anyone arguing for better treatment for co-ops at either national or EU level, this is a helpful … Continue reading

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Here is a recording of the Co-op Fortnight Law Lecture and Discussion in mp3 form for you to download if you have an hour to spare or trouble sleeping…..If you look at the slides while listening, it may make more … Continue reading

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FSA/FCA Mutuals Registration Team: Job Advert & 01.04.13 Changes

Jonathan Bromberger Manager – e-Money, Mutuals & PSD Teams at the FSA writes in a widely circulated email: “I am writing to update you on several current (or upcoming) changes for the Mutuals Registration Team (“the team”) as these will influence … Continue reading

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