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I’ve just added a very late reply on this to my post of last December on committees, boards, officers etc under CCBSA 2014 and I thought it might be worth highlighting it with a post of its own. It’s a … Continue reading

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Last April Dave Hollings of Co-operative and Mutual Solutions Limited asked me two questions. He’s kindly given me permission to shares the Q & A’s on here. Both questions are about co-operative societies. Apparently they were raised by a co-operative … Continue reading

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Yesterday, the Progress-Update-of-the-Independent-Governance-Review from the Myners Review was published. It answers many of the issues I raised yesterday about what was reported to have been agreed in principle by the Group Board earlier this week. The Myners Interim Report is a carefully thought … Continue reading

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The Quick Questions I’ve been very busy lately and wasn’t able to submit anything to Myners by his deadline. Below are my questions on what seem to be the broad lines allegedly agreed by the current board in their panic … Continue reading

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These emails, supplied to the Parliamentary Select Committee looking at the issues around the Co-op Bank’s attempt to buy the Lloyds Branches give interesting food for thought. They give a perspective on the deficiencies of the Boards of both the … Continue reading

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